Friday, July 30, 2010

solo sitting up

Two nights this week, I've woken up (at Audrey's request, natch) and found her sitting up in her crib, sort of like, "Oh, hey! What's up, mom?" I still haven't seen her do it live, but suspect that this newfound skill of hers along with her recent scooching development may have something to do with her sleep getting even worse. Oof. Good thing she's cute!

Monday, July 26, 2010

nearly mobile!

I think this might count as officially crawling. I just watched Audrey scooch her way across her playmat, onto the hardwoods, turn around and go all the way back again. She also made a beeline for my laptop that was on the floor, as well as a couple of Olivia's toys that she shouldn't have.

Two mobile kids? Hold me!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

you know you go to McDonald's too much when ...

... your almost-2.5-year-old has the following conversation with someone in your family:

Olivia [to brother-in-law]: Let's go to McDonald's to get a happy meal for you!
Produces two different Happy Meal toys, procured during two stops during our 2-day, 13-plus-hour car trip, to share with him

brother-in-law [ever the good sport with Miss O]: Ok, great!

O: Let's get some chicken nuggets.

BIL: That sounds good.

O: Then we eat some apple dippers.

BIL: I like apples.

O: And maybe get a small french fry?

[at this point, I'm doubled over with laughter in the kitchen -- such attention to detail, specifying the size of fries. Though I suppose I should be glad she didn't say something about large or super-size options -- I have been on Weight Watchers, after all.]

BIL: What will I have to drink with my happy meal?

O: a diet coke!

Note to people reading who may be aghast at the notion that I serve my toddler diet coke -- I do not! I
do, however, allow her to eat nebulous blobs of chicken that may contain an ingredient similar to that in Silly Putty -- they're sadly one of the maybe 10 foods that she'll eat right now -- but she gets milk with her anti-foaming agents.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7 months old!

Our sweet baby Audrey/Oggie is 7 months old today!

She is such a sweet little chunk of chub. Check out her jolly demeanor:

Editing to add that she's been saying "mama" for a couple of weeks now. According to the baby books, they can say mama and dada indiscriminately at 6-7 months, so it's not that surprising ... but it is super heart-melty when she turns and says it when I walk into the room. Sweet Ogg.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Audrey's timeline

I had to get this together for a hearing loss advocacy group that's helping me fight to have speech therapy added for Audrey -- it was declined due to her age and because she hasn't been diagnosed with a delay -- so I thought I'd post it here. A little keepsake, if you will. Maybe another overwhelmed mom with a newborn who has just been diagnosed with hearing loss will stumble across this via Google and it'll help somehow ...

This timeline doesn't include every single one of her audiology appointments, and I don't have our meetings with the parent advisor from the advocacy group listed, either. And I wonder why I've felt so busy.

12/7/2009 – Audrey born

12/9/2009 – told upon leaving hospital that she failed her hearing screening twice (didn’t know about first test); were given pamphlet for First Steps

12/17/2009 – First Steps intake appointment

1/8/2010 – 1 month old; ABR at St. Vincent

1/13/2010 – ENT appointment

1/20/2010 – CT scan (advised by audiologist and ENT) at St. Vincent under general anesthesia

1/29/2010 – First Steps evaluation

2/2/2010 – pediatric opthalmologist appointment

2/11/2010 – First Steps IFSP meeting

2/17/2010 – hearing aid evaluation/fitting appointment with audiologist

3/4/2010 – first meeting with parent advisor

3/11/2010 – pick up hearing aid (just a few days past 3-month birthday)

3/18/2010 – parent advisor meeting

3/25/2010 – audiologist

4/8/2010 – another audiologist appointment

4/8/2010 – parent advisor meeting

4/22/2010 – parent advisor meeting

4/29/2010 – audiologist … again!

5/3/2010 – decide parent advisor isn’t good fit due to insistence upon heavy sign language use; call First Steps to terminate advisor. Request new parent advisor and to add speech services to IFSP at that time

5/13/2010 – you guessed it: audiologist

6/9/2010 – 6-month audiology booth test

6/29/2010 – receive paperwork to add new parent advisor to IFSP

6/30/2010 – request for speech services declined