Friday, July 6, 2007

is it hot in here, or is it just me?

I had no idea how hot I would be. I had heard that your basal body temperature would be slightly elevated due to increased progesterone levels or some such scientific theory, but this pregnancy thing takes hot to a whole new level. We're talking kicking the covers off at night despite a cranking a/c system, being so warm that you wake your spouse out of a dead sleep just by grazing against him, waking up feeling like you have a 104-degree temperature but having the thermometer register at only 98 or 99.

It's a strange adjustment, for I'm an always-cold kind of person. I've learned to preface a handshake with an apology so as not to scare anyone with my ice blocks for hands. I have to wear a sweater at work all day if the air conditioning is on. In the winter, I'll sit around the house wearing a winter hat, gloves, and down jacket on top of my other layers to stay warm. I even purchased wool heated mittens that plug into a USB port to help stay warm at work.

If it's a warm summer, god help me -- I might have to resort to cruising around in hot pants and tank tops to stay cool. I could really go for a giant frozen margarita right about now ...

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