Thursday, January 24, 2008

The State of the Cervix Address

  • BP: 112/74
  • baby's HR: 154 (good, said nurse)
  • urine: "looks great!" Not something you hear every day, is it?
  • weight: yeeeeah, not telling. Let's just say that around Christmas the first digit of my weight went to a number never before seen, and it's just gone up since then.
  • fundal height measurement: 38. This should roughly correspond to the number of weeks pregnant you are. I'm 38 weeks 6 days today, so that's just fine. They'd only worry if the number was significantly higher (excess amniotic fluid? ginormous offspring?) or lower (baby is too small?).
  • And the magic number everyone has been waiting for: 2! Yes, that's right ... I'm still 2 cm dilated. If you don't know, I need to get to 10. But it's all good, because as of right now, the dresser for the baby's room is still sitting in the living room, clothes still need to be washed, we still need to go out for our last pre-baby dinner/movie ... she can stay where she is a while longer.

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