Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1-year appointment

Olivia had her (very traumatic) 1-year appointment today. In addition to the usual tortures of being measured and weighed and having her ears looked at, she also got three shots and her finger stuck to check her hemoglobin. I've witnessed her getting upset before, but wow---she was in full-on screaming mode today: red face, sweating, tears gushing from her eyes, the whole works. She actually was more upset by the weighing and measuring and ear checking than she was by the needles. At one point, I thought maybe she'd broken a blood vessel in her eye from all her hysterics. It was really sad to watch, but Dr. Jim said it's totally normal for kids her age to react that way. Can you imagine your days filled with kids who are crying and terrified of you? Maybe that nice salary offsets those unpleasantries. Anyway, the stats!

length: 31.5" (I thought it was closer to 32", but she was pretty squirmy) - 97th percentile
weight: 21 pounds 8 ounces - 50th percentile

I didn't see the head circumference on her chart this time, but he said that her head is pretty normally sized ... not too small or too big. (Ahem - Pesto, are you reading this? ;)

I also got the go-ahead to switch her over to whole milk, and was told we have a month to get her off bottles. It breaks my heart a little to take away her beloved ba-ba, partially because I can't imagine snuggling in the rocker with her blanket and a sippy, but also because she's so cute when she crawls over to my leg, pulls on my pants, and shouts, "BA-BA!" excitedly.

In other news, while I was rocking Olivia tonight, I heard a wind gust and a boom that shook the house a little. I assumed it was thunder. When I came downstairs, I asked Dan if we should move Olivia's crib to the other side of the room in case it got windier and the giant tree out front fell. He assured me there was no reason to worry. Well, there wasn't---because that boom I heard was the tree in the front yard falling over. I'll post pictures tomorrow, but it came up by the roots and fell across our neighbor's driveway. Unreal. I'm still sort of shaking thinking about the what-ifs.

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Ahuva Batya said...

Holy Mother of God. How terrifying about the tree, what a blessing that it fell as it did.

I'm so sorry about the doctor's appointment. It sounds simply awful. Poor O.