Thursday, April 10, 2008

2 feet high and rising

Miss Olivia Kate is 2 feet long as of today! The pediatrician was impressed with that and exclaimed, "You've got a two-footer!" upon measuring her. That means that she's somewhere in the 95th percentile for length, but at only 10 pounds 11 ounces, she falls in the 25th percentile for weight. The ped isn't concerned about her weight gain, so I'm trying not to begin the cycle of inevitable comparisons ("So and so's baby weighed 14 pounds at two months!") and worry. Long and skinny is a good way to be, so here's hoping she stays that way.

She got her 2-month shots today, too. She must have been feeding off my anxiety and worry, because she went into howler monkey meltdown mode the minute we started taking her clothes off. When the ped came in, she had tears streaming down her cheeks and was all red, and that was before the exam! Despite all the controversy about vaccines -- whether to get them at all, whether to delay or space them out -- we decided to go ahead and have them done on schedule and all at once. The doctor said he didn't feel that there was any cause for concern, no reason to delay them, and no reason to space them out. Because he has a medical degree and I don't, I chose to go with his advice. Perhaps this will be one of the many parenting decisions I later have guilt about, but I hope not.

The poor kiddo ended up with four band-aids: two on each thigh, and all different colors, presumably color coded for the vaccine. She also received an oral vaccine that she seemed to find quite tasty. Thankfully, other than being a little fussy and sleeping a bit more than usual for the next day, she didn't have any adverse reactions. Bonus: Daddy was able to remove the band-aids without any crying.

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Ahuva Batya said...

I've heard the first shots are the most painful (for the mom!), so I'm glad you both survived!