Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rice cereal? Not so much.

It was a couple weeks shy of her official 6-month birthday on 8/7, but because she was technically 6 months old yesterday if you count weeks, we thought we'd take the plunge with some rice cereal. She's been watching us eat intently for a while now, sometimes trying to grab our food, and she can sit up mostly unsupported these days. So we loaded her into her high chair, grabbed the camera, and mixed up the cereal.

She seemed not to notice the cereal at first; she was very interested in trying to chomp down on the rubber-covered spoon. Then it hit her and some shuddering/gagging ensued. Please pardon the assorted clutter on the countertops. And that beer bottle is for the recycling bin -- we weren't drinking and feeding. ;)

1 comment:

ovi said...

hahaha! Love the video! Owen also prefers the spoon over the rice cereal.