Wednesday, May 7, 2008

days 2, 3 and the 3-month milestone

Someone has been impeding my ability to type for the last two days! She's finally asleep in her swing with the creepy heartbeat noise setting that sounds more like a monster stomping through a metropolitan area than a heart. But hey, if that's what works, that's what we do around here.

Yesterday was a good day. I walked on the Monon Trail with my sister and we took turns pushing the stroller. What would have been a simple walk normally was a little on the strenuous side for my out of shape body, but I guess I have to start somewhere. We headed over to a little independent coffee shop after our walk. Olivia "danced" (with a little help from my sis) to the James Brown CD they were playing in the shop, which was hilarious. On the way home we stopped to vote. Did you know that babies aren't allowed to vote? I know! I was shocked too! Every time someone else came up to tell me that, I gasped. I went for a very mediocre dinner (gristly burger; hair in my cheesecake) at the Cheesecake Factory with a friend, and then we came home. Olivia slept from about 9:45 p.m. to 3 a.m., and then from 3:30-7 a.m. Rather than enjoy it, I of course spent the day wondering/worrying if she was getting sick.

Today was pretty good as well, though we didn't have as many plans. We went to Target to get diapers, hung around the house, went out to get lunch (which I ate driving around in the car because she was asleep in her carseat), and then met my cousin's wife at the Scholar's Inn Bakehouse for coffee and dessert. Sadly, they were out of their legendary cupcakes, so I had to settle for a giant snickerdoodle cookie. Poor me. ;)

The big excitement du jour was Olivia rolling over entirely unassisted -- on her 3-month birthday! She did it twice in a row, so I was able to capture it on video:
I haven't eaten anything of substance since the giant cookie, so I'm going to try to forage for food while the little one is sleeping.

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Betseeee said...

That's one sweet cupcake! And the pillow is cute, too. :-)