Saturday, May 17, 2008

where is my mind?

I used to be such a productive, organized person. I could rarely sit still long enough to watch TV unless I was also surfing the internet, knitting, and/or flipping through a magazine at the same time. Nesting while pregnant was great fun for me. I used the month off of work before O's arrival to make endless to-do lists, run around town doing errands, and organize around the house.

Now? Nothing's getting done. It's hard for me to find time to get on here and type up posts sometimes, and I usually end up doing it one handed. I don't want to let down my 10 frequent readers, you know!

I put some underwear in the washing machine ... oh, I think it was at least a week ago. No, over a week ago -- it was when D was out of town last. I managed to get them in the dryer that very same day thanks to my mom being here. So why is it I'm reduced to picking through the dregs of my underwear drawer? You know, the ill-fitting, stretched out, maybe even hole-y pairs that stay lodged in the back in case of emergency. Because I'm not sure where my underwear are. I know I didn't take them out of the dryer and bring them up from the basement. Could all of them really have disappeared into the abyss known for sucking up stray socks? I keep hoping that in a miraculous laundry miracle, I'll open my drawer and there they'll be, all clean and folded and plentiful. So far, no such luck.

Other things that are making me twitchy:
  • Mail is stacked up everywhere. It seems like too daunting of a task most days, separating things into piles of File Away Somewhere One Of These Days, Recycle Eventually When You Happen To Remember To Put Out The Recycling Bin Or Drive It To The YMCA, and Shred So That Creepy People Who Prowl Recycling Bins Won't Open Credit Cards In Your Name Or Stalk You.
  • I've had a recipe on the counter for three weeks (for lactation cookies - mmm, doesn't that sound positively delish?) and have yet to be able to bake.
  • The water softener isn't working correctly, causing the kitchen sink to be all filmy with hard water stains. Accidentally coming into contact with the surface of it makes my skin crawl.
  • In general, the house is a mess. Socks (both baby and adult) litter the living room floor, surfaces need to be dusted, and the general crowding of our main living spaces with things like a play mat, bouncy seat, and swing sometimes makes me think I've moved into Babies R Us.
It could be worse, though -- I could have to clean this place up enough to have a housekeeper come over and clean it. ;)

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