Wednesday, May 28, 2008

first cold, I think

This morning she woke up and coughed. Uh oh. She never coughs unless she's eating too fast and inhales her food. And now she's been napping in her swing for the last hour and a half. This kid doesn't nap for more than 30 minutes at a time on a good day (there's a reason one of her many nicknames is the Queen of the Power Nap). She just woke up, looked at me, coughed pathetically a few times, and went back to sleep. :(

I thought it was sucky being sick myself. But giving it to her and having her be sick? A million times worse. I thought I was being so careful, washing my hands every time I blew my nose (and in the last two days, that has meant a LOT of handwashing) and before I touched her bottles. I know she was going to get sick eventually, and if she'd been in daycare I'm sure she would have been sick a long time ago ... but it's still hard to see her not feeling well.

Update: 2.5 hours and still napping. I just checked to make sure she's breathing.


Betseeee said...

Ugh, all colds suck, but especially the ones your kids get, and especially the very first one. I hope it passes quickly.

Sheilah said...

Feel better Olivia!! (And hang in there mama!)