Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm knocking on the nearest wood, but ...

Olivia's sleeping habits have been so great lately! I hope I'm not cursing myself, but it's been happening for about a week now, so I feel sort of safe saying something here. She goes to bed early-ish, usually between 7:30 (rare) and 9:30 (more typical), and she's only getting up a couple of times in the night. Prior to this new schedule, she was resisting going to bed until 11:30 or later and would be up every hour or two and guzzle down five or six bottles. I feel almost ... dare I say rested? now. She's also started stretching out her naps a little bit and getting away from the nap-90-minutes-after-getting-up/5 naps a day thing. On one banner day last week, she took two 1.5 hour naps and a 45-minute nap. I can deal with this sort of schedule. ;) Tonight she went down at 8 p.m. and I actually got to sit and watch an ENTIRE movie with my husband!

I still haven't picked her Halloween costume, mainly because it seems so wrong to fork over $45 for something she'll wear for an hour if that. I might hit one of those resale shops this week and see if they have anything good there.

She's starting to finally get into the solid foods thing. She opens her mouth and pulls the spoon toward her now, and she squawks if I don't feed her fast enough. I fear she might have inherited my love of carbs, though -- she can't get enough oatmeal, but gags and winces her way through stuff like sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas. I'll keep trying.

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